12 signs you need an email marketing agency

Working with a specialist email marketing agency is a great way to add to your team without the recruitment overheads, gain expert knowledge quickly into your business and drive your email marketing strategy forward.

At eFocus Marketing, we work with clients every day on their email marketing campaigns, helping them to communicate with their audience more effectively through e-telligence.

e-telligence: Using email marketing intelligently to engage, excite and convert your audience.

Here are 12 signs YOU need to be working with an email marketing agency:

1. Your team are busy building and sending BAU emails everyday and don’t have the time for planning new segments, personalised/automated campaigns

2. There is a lack of knowledge and expertise within your team to support a more advanced email marketing strategy

3. Your results are stagnating, or worse, decreasing and you don’t know why or what to do to fix the situation

4. Your emails are being sent to the junk folder or are being blocked by various providers (such as Outlook (Hotmail) or Gmail) and missing your audience

5. You want to drive your email marketing strategy forward but don’t want have the resources internally to implement the new campaigns you have planned into your ESP/marketing automation platform

6. You need a fresh perspective on your campaign strategy to find areas that could be further optimised to increase your results

7. You want to segment your audience and send more targeted messaging but don’t know where to start

8. You’re using platforms such as Validity, Moveable InkPhrasee or others and want to optimise your strategy to make better use of the data/technology to maximise your email campaign results

9. You don’t have a clear email marketing strategy plan to get you to your business objectives successfully

10. You have a limited number of email marketing automations in place to nurture your customers through to the next stage of the lifecycle

11. You keep trying different things but nothing seems to work!


12. Email marketing is working well for you! But, you want more ideas on how you can optimise or add to your current strategy  

If you’ve seen any of these signs, get in touch and we can help you take your email marketing strategy to the next level.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?

If you want help to create a customer-centric, personalised, intelligent email marketing programme, get in touch with eFocus Marketing and discover how we can help you skyrocket your results.

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