Some people say the nicest things!

eFocus Marketing Project Reviews

I have been working with Kate on a number of projects over the past few years and let me just put it this way: as soon as I can afford to hire her on retainer I will! So take advantage of this window to still work with her while you can 😉 She is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed on everything related to email marketing and has helped me create and automate funnels for optimal user experience. She has opened my eyes up to what is possible with email! She always goes the extra mile and is so pleasant to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Emily Pereira

We have lots of people creating emails with varying experience, in different departments and different offices. It was brilliant to be able to bring everyone together and get them all on the same page. We need our emails to be consistent and all following the same good practice. After one day with Kate, everyone was so enthusiastic and they are enjoying putting the techniques she taught in to practice. I would definitely recommend Kate, she was engaging, fun and very knowledgeable.


Rachel Whitter, Email Channel Manager – The RSPB

Our work with Kate has been the best money spent on marketing we have found this year. We have been able to start utilising our neglected newsletter subscriber list effectively with immediate results (our very first email resulted in a £500 order from a new customer).

This is proving a great way to communicate with our wholesale and retail customers and view visible immediate results ensuring our customers are fully up to date with the latest product & company developments. We are looking forward to implementing further targeting and strategies with Kate going forward.

Louise MacLeod, Managing Director

e-Focus Marketing Training Seminar Reviews

A big thank you from my side for your presentation this Tuesday (re: course for beginners, top 10 tips to get you started). Although I haven’t initially chosen email marketing as my key career path I’m glad that on my 1st course for beginners I’ve been lucky to have you as a presenter. I’ve found the course extremely engaging and straightforward, well-explained and powered with strong visuals/examples which have further helped gain a valuable understanding of the email marketing channel. I’m grateful for your input and would gladly recommend your services in future.


Nadya Tatarciuc Birca, Head of Paid Search

I so enjoyed your talk this week and found it very helpful.I was very impressed with how factual and well informed you are and the fact that you were able to get such clear cut replies


Susan Issacs – Languages 2000