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‘E-telligence: Email Marketing Isn’t Dead, The Way You’re Using It Is’

Who is this book for?
The book is aimed at marketing executives / managers / directors who are wanting to learn more about email marketing in order to improve their campaign results.
What is the book about?
As marketers we are often working day-to-day on many different aspects of marketing – with email being just one (very important) part of our overall role. But it may not be the sole element you’re able to focus on all day every day; and even those who are (lucky enough) to be dedicated to email marketing, most likely  want to learn more to improve your knowledge and career prospects, or help your team have a deeper understanding of what makes a successful strategy. You may be struggling with…


  • Finding the time to create a documented strategy
  • A lack of knowledge – you may not have been formally trained or taught how to plan, implement and optimise campaigns in the best possible way. You may be expected to figure it out for yourself or have picked up little bits from historical work/team members

But, you know you could be doing so much more with your campaigns. You want to learn more and take your company’s campaigns to the next level. Or even take your career to the next level generally! But you may not know where to start and where to focus you limited time and resources. With this NEW book, Kate Barrett aims to teach marketers to use email marketing more intelligently – hence ‘e-telligence’! To put the customer first. This book gives you a roadmap through the 5 key steps to making a positive impact on your email marketing campaigns and taking your strategy to the next level

Step 1 – Know what you’ve got

Step 2 – Improve what you’re doing now

Step 3 – Fill in the gaps in your strategy

Step 4 – Reach your audience

Step 5 – Grow your audience