Email Marketing Copywriting.

Writing Copy for Email Marketing

Any marketing copy needs to be carefully crafted, but email marketing copy is especially important. From the subject line through to the main body of the email and your call to action (CTA), everything has to be designed very carefully to draw the reader in, and then convince them to take action.

Email copywriting, therefore, is a discipline that takes time and effort to get right. When you and your marketing team are busy with a whole host of other activities, it can be impossible to give email marketing copywriting the time and attention it needs to be a success.

what we do

Our Email Copywriting Services

eFocus Marketing works with copywriters who are experts in crafting effective messages for a variety of different types of clients and markets including eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, travel and more.

Standalone email campaign copywriting

We provide copywriting services for a specific email or series of emails.

Email copywriting as part of wider campaign management

Including design, build and management of your email campaigns.

Email marketing copy on an ad-hoc basis

We work alongside your in-house team to provide copy on an ‘as-needs’ basis.

Here are some tips for you to consider for your next email design:

Make your design & copy work together

When writing email copy, consider the design of the email as well as the words – they have to work together to draw the reader in and engage them.

Shorter is usually better

Your readers are as busy as you are, and that means they won’t have time to read lots of copy. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short and punchy. Your design can also help to make the copy stand out more.

Watch the spam filters

Think about avoiding words that might trigger spam filters, especially if you have a low sender reputation or are sending B2B. You can find many lists of words online that make it more likely your email will end up in your recipient’s junk folder – so use different words if you can.


What does an email copywriter do?

An email copywriter is responsible for creating the words that go into your marketing emails. They can work with the designer or independently to craft an email that draws in your readers and motivates them to take action – usually to click and visit your website.

Email marketing copy is a very technical discipline, as the copywriter needs to connect with the reader, ensure that headings and the subject line are the right length, and create copy that works with the design of the email.

How do I write good email marketing copy?

If you want to improve your own email copywriting skills, the best thing to do is to practice – lots!

Write emails and ask colleagues, friends, even family for their feedback. The more you write and the more feedback you get, the more your copywriting will improve.

Why should I hire a copywriter to handle my email campaigns?

Email campaign copywriting is extremely technical and can take time and expertise to get right.

In a campaign, each email needs to work on its own – but also build a story through the campaign that moves your prospects closer to purchasing from you.

Many in-house marketing teams work on a whole host of marketing activities – meaning it’s very hard to give email marketing campaigns the attention they need to thrive. Email copywriting services can solve that problem.

How do you create a marketing email?

The key to creating a good marketing email is to first consider the objectives of your email marketing. What do you want to achieve with email marketing? What is your email marketing strategy? Who are you communicating with?

Once you have decided and documented your strategy, you then need to create the designs, content and images for each before you send.

This can all become very time consuming, especially for busy marketing teams with lots of other activities to run as well as email marketing.

If that’s the case, we can help you to formulate your email marketing strategy, and help you with email campaign management as an extension of your in-house team.