The E-telligence Podcast.

With Kate Barrett

I’m Kate Barrett, the founder of eFocus Marketing and I’m excited to introduce you to the E-telligence Podcast! On the podcast you will find brand new content, digging into specific areas of email marketing, to help you energise your campaigns and use email more intelligently to increase your results.

Each episode will feature either:

  • a brand spotlight featuring an interview with a marketer I’ll explore what’s working for them right now in their business and their future plans.
  • a masterclass where we go into a specific area of email in more detail and help you with strategic and tactical advice to move your results forward and make the most of your efforts.

PLUS you have the choice – you can either listen to this great content as you are now on the podcast, or join us over on YouTube where you get to see all our lovely faces too! 

I may also throw in some bonus recordings every now and then so keep an eye out!

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Episode 1: Introduction

Share EPISODE Ready to skyrocket your results? If you want help to create a customer-centric, personalised, intelligent email marketing programme, get in touch with eFocus Marketing and discover how we can...