Need a health check of your current email marketing programme?

If your marketing team has been sending emails to your subscriber base for a while but you’re struggling with low open and click rates, or are just getting started, it may be time to take a fresh approach. Stepping back to review your email design and content, or to create a new engaging design, is vital to drive results.

At eFocus Marketing we have dedicated email designers and developers on hand to expertly design your email campaigns and ensure you hit your goals. We’re up to date with all the latest trends and techniques and can save you time as well as help boost your conversion rate.

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Just some of the elements you might want to consider for your email design include:

  • Navigation menus
  • Email polls/surveys
  • Personalisation
  • Optimised subject lines
  • Hotspots
  • Dynamic content
  • Call to action optimisation
  • Use of visual cues
  • Dynamic real time content

Looking for email campaign design tips?

Email design is a science in itself that is rapidly evolving – as is the technology that drives email campaigns. When you’re juggling lots of other marketing activities it’s hard to keep up with how to effectively present your message to your audience, as well as the latest advances and key trends in design.

That’s where the specialists at eFocus Marketing can help you.

We live and breathe email marketing and can advise you on how to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in the field, as well as tips and strategies we’ve seen work in our experience delivering successful campaigns for clients.

There are so many elements of your email marketing design that you need to consider in order to increase engagement.

If you would like some feedback about your email marketing design, why not get in touch to arrange an introductory call?


Why should email marketing design be responsive?

After all the time you have invested in preparing your email marketing campaign you need to make sure it can be read by all your subscribers on any device they choose.

Always bear in mind subscribers could be opening their email on their desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet and that your email must be responsive to each device so that it can be viewed properly and engaged with.

How do I design my marketing emails?

Firstly, your email campaign should be designed with your objectives in mind.

Think about creating a template that will enable clear recognition of your brand and is easy to read and engage with.

Always think about drawing your subscriber in with an attention-grabbing subject line and draw them down to your call to action with a clear structure and engaging images, headings, and copy.

How do I design an email template in HTML?

Unless you are a fluent HTML coder, designing an email template in HTML can be a very laborious process.

Most email marketing technology will allow you to design your email using an editor that works like common word processing software, or drag and drop functionality that allows you to easily pull together different layout options, and will convert your design to HTML for you.

These methods are fantastic for creating basic email designs, however if you want something more bespoke to your business requirements and style, a custom HTML responsive template design and build is perfect for you.