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of marketers find that a lack of strategy is a significant barrier to effective email marketing.
(Source: Econsultancy)

Optimise Your Email Marketing Strategy

At eFocus Marketing we help companies to create intelligent email marketing strategy plans that ensure their email marketing has the desired impact.

Our expert consultants work with you to understand your current landscape and build a roadmap for success.

Email Marketing Strategic Consulting Services

Having access to a team of experienced, passionate email marketing experts is a game changer for your strategic approach and results.

Our team have years of experience in deliverability, campaign planning, automated campaign workflows, email layout & design and more; solving challenges and increasing results.

If you’re looking for help to review your current strategy and identify new revenue generating email campaign, segmentation, personalisation and automation opportunites, or want help planning a new strategy or email campaign (BAU / automated), eFocus Marketing can help.

Email Marketing Mini Audit

Get a baseline assessment of where you are now and recommendations on key areas of focus to increase your campaign results

Unlock the power of your email marketing with eFocus Marketing’s Strategic Mini Audit.

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What is email marketing consulting?

Email Marketing Consulting is the process of employing an expert in their field to review your current email marketing strategy, or help you plan new email marketing campaigns to implement. Their role is to bring email marketing expertise to your business expertise, creating the perfect partnership to accelerate your results.

Our team of passionate email marketing experts are here to help with all aspects of your email marketing campaigns - from strategy planning to design, build & deployment. 

Why should you hire a global email marketing consultant?

Hiring a global email marketing consultant allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise gathered from work with multiple clients, across multiple countries, to help expand your own email marketing strategic approach.

At eFocus Marketing, we work with brands around the globe to create impactful email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and generate results.

What types of email marketing services do you offer?

What is the purpose of having an email marketing strategy?​

An email marketing strategy forms the foundation for everything you do with email marketing.  Among other things, it defines how your email marketing efforts will contribute to your overall marketing goals, and how you’ll measure success.

If your email marketing efforts have recently started giving you diminishing returns, it could be time to review your strategy – or to create a dedicated email marketing strategy if you don’t already have one.

What’s an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a plan that defines how your email marketing will deliver results for your company – and how you will measure the success of what you’re doing.

Your strategy is the foundation of all successful email marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of having an email marketing strategy?

Without an email marketing strategy, it can be very hard to know if your email marketing is delivering value to your business. That means that you could be spending lots of time, resource and effort on something that’s not living up to its full potential, without even knowing it.

Having an email marketing strategy allows you to articulate what you expect from your email marketing campaigns, how your campaigns will deliver those results, and how you will track success.

It also allows you to integrate with your other marketing efforts better, understand how your messages work together, ensure regular sending of emails, and plan your content in advance.

That means you can plan and optimise your campaigns with a clear goal in mind, and see continually improving results from your email marketing campaigns.

Do email marketing campaigns work?​ Is Email Marketing Dead?!

Even in the age of social media, email marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective ways of communicating with your prospects and customers and can deliver incredible ROI.

Email marketing is most effective when implemented as part of a wider email marketing strategy plan within your business, or even better as part of a fully integrated omnichannel strategy.