Maximise Your Email Marketing Efforts

To create a more personalised customer experience, it is critical that companies work to create a more intelligent email marketing programme and maximise engagement

Sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

If you’re looking for recommendations to improve your current email programme or create a new strategy, our expert email marketing consultants will match the right services to your needs.

Email Marketing is the channel most marketers still rate as providing the highest Return On Investment

 Are you maximising the potential of your campaigns?

Email Marketing Audits

Email Marketing Strategy Audit

When reviewing your current strategy, we can offer recommendations on areas of industry best practice to ensure your programmes have the best chance of succeeding.

We can look at key points in your customer lifecycle, to make sure your communications are effective.

Email Marketing Template Audit

With our Email Marketing Template Review, you will receive a comprehensive look at one of your email templates and the last 6 months results it has achieved. We will provide you with a documented evaluation of your chosen template through 3 key areas:

1. Creative
2. Message & Branding
3. Technical Specifications

Email Complaint Rate Audit

If you’re suffering from a high or increasing complaint rate from your email marketing campaigns, your deliverability and results will drop as a result, leaving you with less revenue being generated.

The Email Marketing Complaint Rate Audit looks at every area of your programme throughout the email lifecycle from the perspective of a subscriber, to identify areas that could be improved to make a real difference to your campaigns.

Email Deliverability Audit

We will assess your current delivery rates and investigate the probable causes of why your email is currently being filtered to the spam folder or blocked.

In reviewing your overall sender reputation, infrastructure set up, practices and content, we will be able to identify specific causes that are impacting your delivery performance as well as providing guidance in rectifying those issues and resolving delivery problems.

Email has an ROI more than four times higher than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail and paid search. (Source: eMarketer, 2016)

Email Marketing Strategy

Formulating a strategy that combines both regular broadcast campaigns and automated email, to deliver long-term consistency and timely, action-based communications, is the key to a successful email marketing programme that generates results for your business.


Email Marketing Strategy Creation

An active, engaged and purchasing subscriber demands effective messaging across four key phases of the customer lifecycle.

eFocus Marketing work with our clients to ensure messaging is implemented across each of these stages in a way that is engaging to subscribers, to support the ongoing needs of the business and provide an in-depth step by step strategy for individual types of campaign.

Email Marketing ESP Selection, Migration & IP Warm Up Support

In order to gain the most from your email marketing campaigns, deliverability and inbox placement are vital to ensuring you have the best chance of success.

If your emails are not being delivered to your subscribers inbox, they may not see your message at all.

Choosing a new email service provider (ESP) can be a complicated process – so many vendors to choose from, so many features and so many technical considerations!

Working with Kate at eFocus Marketing was an absolute pleasure. She is energetic, fun and, most of all, talented. Her analysis of our email marketing efforts were thorough and her recommendations were not only actionable but priorities to implement were pointed out. We are very excited to start incorporating Kate’s suggestions into our marketing efforts and would highly recommend her services to anyone whose direct marketing could benefit from a breath of fresh air.

Seth Burstein

Director , Trade Show Internet

Bespoke Email Marketing Consultancy

We can work with you to create an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and objectives.

Whether you’re looking for a full review of your current email marketing program, or are starting from scratch and need a strategy developed, we can help.

  • Analysing existing strategy and campaigns to suggest possible improvements or additions that could be made.
  • Development of new/additional strategy.


  • Segmentation of your database
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) including customer lifecycle campaigns
  • Triggered emails
  • Dynamic content
  • Split testing to ensure the best results from each campaign broadcast