13 Reasons You Should Be Using Email To Grow Your Business

13 Reasons You Should Be Using Email To Grow Your Business

Email marketing is a valuable and vital tool if you are looking to grow your business, build a relationship with interested prospects and your customers and generate revenue. Here’s 13 key reasons why…

1. Fast, Inexpensive Set Up

You can get started with email marketing quickly and relatively inexpensively (especially when compared to other marketing channels)

2. Return On Investment – Grow your business!

Email marketing is still generating a massive return on investment as a channel – almost £25 per marketing £1 spent (according to the DMA National Client Email Report 2014)

3. It’s Your Foundation

Email marketing underpins all your other marketing channels – however you drive traffic to your website, you want to make the most of each visit and if you can, capture their information in order to convert them in the future. Email marketing allows you to do exactly that!

4. Make Technology Work For You

Use the technology available to create and schedule emails to trigger automatically and deliver your messages for you (make money while you sleep!)

5. Reach Your Customers & Prospects Directly

Email allows you to reach out to your customers and interested prospects directly ‘en masse’, but seemingly on a one-to-one basis

6. Relevancy & Personalisation

You can use the data available on subscribers to make communications highly personalised and relevant to that person’s interests/situation

7. Increase Your Sales – Grow your business

You can increase your sales from current customers and prospects

8. Increase Customer Loyalty

Using email to deliver regular, valuable content allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers and increase customer loyalty

9. Keep At The Front Of Your Customers Mind

Through regular emails, you can ensure your brand is kepy at the front of your customers mind

10. Detailed Reporting Feedback

When you send an email, you then have access to a wide range of statistics allowing you to see exactly how the campaign has performed, as well as analyse, test and improve your communications in the future

11. Fast Delivery & Instant Response

Get your message to subscribers within minutes (not days like with direct mail) and see an instant response from sending an email campaign

12. Generate Traffic To Your Website

Email allows you to advertise your products/services/information and generate traffic to your website

13. Save Time

Save time in your business by using automation to support your customer services, post purchase process and sales process

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Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?

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