Elevate Conversions: Strategic Placement of Email Sign-Up Forms on Your Website

elevate your email marketing sign up form conversions

In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, building a strong subscriber base is paramount. Strategic placement of email sign-up forms on your website can be the catalyst for maximising conversions. 

In this blog, we take a look at some of the prime locations to position your sign-up forms, unlocking the potential to engage visitors and drive optimal email opt-ins.

  1. The Homepage Hero Banner: Welcoming Visitors with an Irresistible Offer

The homepage is your digital storefront’s front door. Placing a sign-up form here can capture visitors’ attention as soon as they arrive, setting the tone for their browsing journey.

Position the sign-up form prominently within the hero banner, ensuring it’s above the fold and clearly visible without scrolling. 

  1. Boost Conversions with Footer Sign-Up Pods:

Don’t underestimate the power of the often-overlooked footer section on your website—it’s a goldmine for converting visitors into engaged subscribers. Incorporating strategically placed sign-up pods in your footer can work wonders for your email marketing efforts.

These discreet yet effective modules allow you to capture the attention of users who have scrolled through your content and are primed to take action. By placing sign-up pods at the bottom of your webpages, you provide visitors with a seamless opportunity to stay connected and receive valuable updates.

  1. Time Delayed / On-Scroll Pop Ups: Getting in Front of Subscribers at the Right Time

On-scroll/time delayed pop-ups serve as the essential instruments for creating a captivating and immersive experience and breaking through your audiences behaviour to drive them to the next action. These pop-ups are strategic tools that appear at precisely the right moment, capturing users’ attention during their browsing journey.

By intelligently timing their appearance based on user behaviour – whether it’s scrolling through your content or spending a certain amount of time on your page  (check your google analytics for your average bounce times from different pages and use this as an initial timing guide) – you can offer valuable incentives or relevant information just when visitors are most captivated. This approach respects users’ experience and gives them time to start exploring the page they’re on, while creating an opportune moment to encourage a sign up and the opportunity to then further nurture them to an initial conversion action.

  1. Engaging Exit-Intent Pop-Ups: Retaining Interest When They’re About to Leave

Implement exit-intent pop-ups that trigger when a user’s mouse movement indicates an intention to leave the page; they’re a strategic way to capture visitors who are on the verge of leaving your site. By offering them a compelling reason to stay, you can convert potential bounces into valuable email subscribers.

Keep the pop-up design visually consistent with your brand’s aesthetics and easy to click off of/close with a large ‘X’.

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  1. Strategic Placement in Blog Posts: Converting Engaged Readers into Subscribers

Blog posts are a treasure trove of engaged visitors. Placing sign-up forms within your blog content can turn curious readers into loyal subscribers who crave more of your valuable insights.

Embed sign-up forms strategically within your blog posts, typically at the beginning, middle, or end of the content. Integrate the form seamlessly into the layout to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the reading experience. 

Craft a compelling introduction that explains the benefits of subscribing connected to the content their on – whether it’s receiving more insightful content or staying informed about future posts. Use contextual CTAs that directly relate to the content of the blog post. For instance, if your blog post is about skincare tips, the CTA could be “Receive Weekly Skincare Secrets.”

  1. Floating Bars and Headers: Consistent Visibility for Ongoing Engagement

Floating bars and headers are persistent elements that stay visible as visitors scroll through your site. These unobtrusive yet highly visible positions ensure that your sign-up form is always within reach.

Use this space to highlight the key value proposition of subscribing. Keep the messaging concise and action-oriented. For instance, “Join Our Community for Exclusive Offers” or “Subscribe for Insider Updates.” Ensure the CTA button stands out with a contrasting colour, compelling text and include a simple email input field to streamline the sign-up process – you can always use this as step 1 in a 2-step sign up process (where more information is gathered in step 2, although the subscriber joins after the first step).

Choose a design that complements your website’s aesthetics and maintains a consistent brand identity.

  1. High-Converting Landing Pages: Sealing the Deal on Targeted Pages

Create dedicated landing pages for special campaigns, promotions, or valuable content offers – placing sign-up forms here aligns with visitors’ specific interests, significantly boosting your email opt-in rates.

Keep the sign-up form prominent and above the fold, typically on the right side of the page. Ensure the form fields are minimal and easy to complete.

Emphasise the benefits of subscribing again near the form to reinforce the value proposition and include a highly visible and compelling CTA that aligns with the campaign’s messaging.

  1. Checkout Process Integration: Seizing the Moment of Purchase Intent

The checkout process is a pivotal moment of decision for shoppers. Integrating a sign-up form here can seize the opportunity to convert buyers into subscribers, enhancing post-purchase engagement.

Offer customers the option to subscribe to your email list – place the sign-up checkbox or form in a non-intrusive location, typically near the order summary section. Clearly communicate the benefits of subscribing at this stage, such as receiving order updates, exclusive offers, and relevant recommendations.

Pre-fill the email address field based on the customer’s input during checkout to streamline the process. Include a brief sentence reassuring customers that their email will only be used for relevant updates.

Empower customers to make an informed decision by giving them control over their subscription preferences, such as email frequency or interests.

Optimise your Sign Up Form Content to Drive Interest

So now you know where you can place your form, how do you optimise it’s content to drive conversions? Here are 4 quick tips to get you started:

  1. Craft a compelling headline that address a pain point or offers a solution and highlights the value of subscribing – whether it’s staying updated on exclusive deals or gaining access to valuable resources.  To further sweeten the deal, consider offering an enticing incentive such as a discount code or access to exclusive content.
  2. Keep the form fields minimal, typically asking for just the email address and first name (potentially ½ additional pieces of business critical data such as interests) and pair the form with a visually appealing and relevant image that reinforces your brand identity and message. 
  3. Clearly outline what subscribers can expect to receive. Utilise visuals, such as images or videos, to illustrate the value of subscribing.
  4. Ensure the CTA button is highly contrasting and prominently displayed, using persuasive language like “Get Started” or “Unlock Offers.”
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Increasing Conversions Through Strategic Sign-Up Form Placement

Strategically placing sign-up forms throughout your website is akin to creating a roadmap to engagement. 

By leveraging the homepage, pop-ups, blog posts, floating bars, high-conversion landing pages, and the checkout process, you establish multiple touchpoints for visitors to opt in.

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