The State of Email Sign-Ups

UK vs USA To better understand and analyse best practices that can be applied to email marketers across industries, we examined the email sign-up process of 100 retailers, 50 US and 50 UK in these increasingly digitised markets. By opting in to these top-of-funnel forms and examining their opt-in processes, we aimed to gain a […]

QA Checklist

21 pre-send checks to ensure your campaigns are mistake free All emails should go through a Quality Assurance (QA) process before being broadcast; a crucial step that must not be left out of your email production process to ensure sends are mistake free. Use this QA checklist as a foundation on which to build your […]

Automated Campaigns Checklist

My formula for creating automated email campaigns that get results An easy to follow checklist to follow when planning your automated emails The ratio of sales content to value you should be providing in your email content Love this? Here are some others you might like…

28 Ways to Build Your Email List

Ideas for product & service based businesses Drive targeted, relevant sign ups to your list Give back and add value to your subscribers Access to our monthly newsletter packed full of email marketing tips, tricks, news and special offers from eFocus Marketing Love this? Here are some others you might like…

9 Top Tips to Reduce Your Email Marketing Complaint Rate

A high complaint rate is a sign that something is not hitting the mark with your mailings. Complaints are also one of the main elements ISPs will look at when determining your deliverability and Inbox Placement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take many junk/spam complaints for a sender to experience deliverability issues and become blocked by an […]