The State of Email Sign-Ups


To better understand and analyse best practices that can be applied to email marketers across industries, we examined the email sign-up process of 100 retailers, 50 US and 50 UK in these increasingly digitised markets.

By opting in to these top-of-funnel forms and examining their opt-in processes, we aimed to gain a better understanding of practices employed across retailers that can be adopted or improved upon by email marketers, regardless of industry or vertical.

Download our new research in association with Kickbox and discover:

  • How brands across the UK and USA differ when it comes to email sign-up practices
  • Differences between email only sign-ups and those offered as part of an account process
  • Ways in which brands offer email only sign-ups on their website
  • The quality and amount of data being collected
  • The post-sign-up landscape – what are brands doing once the form has been submitted to welcome new subscribers?