Shine a Light on Your Email Strategy and Massively Increase Your Response Rate

“Marketers tend to focus too much on the message they want to put out, and not enough on the question of what people actually want you to give them.”

In an age of social media, many people will tell you that plain old email marketing is out of fashion and out of date.

In this episode of the Hardcore MBA video podcast, I’m honoured to be the guest, and would very much disagree – you can increase your response rate.

For email marketing to work well, it needs to be more than simply spamming as many people as possible with identical messages.

In this video podcast, Erlend Bakke and I discuss numerous ways to make your email campaigns more effective:

  • How to make your email blasts more targeted than any social media campaign.
  • Why letting people clearly and easily unsubscribe from your email list is actually a good idea.
  • What to do about subscribers who don’t regularly open or respond to emails.
  • And various ways in which you can encourage subscribers to provide extra information which allows you to segment your audience and target them more directly.

This video podcast is packed full of great, practical ideas to make your email marketing efforts more successful immediately.

Catch up on the Hardcore MBA Video Podcast here >

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?

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