I just wanted to drop in and share a little story with you today.

Last weekend was my 30th birthday – we laughed, drank a little (;-)), ate a lot and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our closest and dearest friends.

But it nearly didn’t turn out like that….

At the end of last year I started thinking about my birthday and how I was going to celebrate this milestone in my life. I wanted to do something special and memorable to mark the occasion but what should I do?

Fast forward to January…. still no idea what I wanted to do!
The week’s rolled on and still I hadn’t made a decision on where we should go or what we should do. ‘Oh it’s OK’ I thought, ‘I’ve got plenty of time left yet to arrange everything’.

The shear number of options overwhelmed me and I procrastinated and put off creating a clear plan.

3 weeks before my birthday I finally made a decision to visit a top restaurant near to us. So my wonderful boyfriend diligently went about implementing the plans, speaking to the restaurant, trying to organise a private dining area to make the experience extra special……only to find that they were fully booked.

So we were back to square 1 with 2 weeks to go….

We revised our plan, chose another restaurant and again tried to book a table – unsurprisingly as my birthday is the day before Mother’s Day  here in the UK (which we suddenly realised with dismay after this second let down), they were also fully booked!

Again we tweaked our plans and chose another restaurant – success! They had the space and we booked our table in.

But that wasn’t the end of the story! Because of our late booking, we were only able to book a table at 6.30 as they needed it back for a second sitting later on in the evening. No problems, I could be hungry at 6.30!

So the evening arrived and we made our way to the restaurant to meet my friends and family. But half an hour after we had arrived, two of my friends still hadn’t made an appearance and we were starting to get worried!

After many frantic calls, they finally answered….

‘Where are you?!’

‘What do you mean where are we? The tables booked for 7.30 isn’t it?!)

Eeeeek! With all the changes to the restaurant, our friends had completely misread when our table was booked for and ending up arriving over an hour late to the meal – actually pretty funny on the actual evening 😉

So you may be wondering why I’m telling you all this?! Well, the key here is planning – if we had of had our plans created in advance, knowing exactly where we wanted to go and when, there would have been no confusion, or overwhelm, or additional decisions to be made, and we would have been able to ensure that our friends had exactly the right information to ensure they where were they needed to be.

And the same is true for your business.

Without a clear plan of where you want to go, how do you know if you have got there and succeeded? How do you know where you need to tweak and optimise if you don’t know what your plans are in the first place?

Most entrepreneurs know they should be building their email list and you’ve probably already got an opt in offer (lead magnet) that you’re using to drive sign ups. But what are you doing with these subscribers once you’ve spent all that time, effort and money attracting them to your business and onto your list?

Do you find yourself floundering with your email marketing? Struggling to send out newsletters consistently? To come up with content ideas that will drive opens, clicks and sales from your list?

You need to know that you’re not alone and there is another way! And I’m here to show it to you!

So if you want to gain clarity, save time, create more freedom and flexibility in your business by automating your communications and start driving revenue using email marketing to help you meet your business goals, I’ll help you formulate that plan and maximise your efforts!

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