Christmas Emails – Last Order Dates


BuyagiftXmas email 1subjectBuyagiftXmas email 1

What’s Good?

In this email, Buyagift are offering an extra 20% off everything, exclusively to their email subscribers. Adding email exclusive offers/discounts/information is a great way to build the relationship and make them feel special.

They have also clearly called out that Christmas is only a week away (right at the top) adding a sense of urgency to the message.

And although this is the case, they have also clearly (and helpfully) added a section to the email beneath the main offer, highlighting about delivery dates and directing the subscriber to see the full list so that they can be prepared and ensure they order in time for their location.

The email then calls out 3 key benefits of ordering through Buyagift to make the customer feel more secure in their purchase.

What Could Be Improved?

This email is currently built entirely of images meaning that when images are disabled (which they are by default in many email clients) there is nothing in the email to encourage subscribers to turn on the images or indicate what the content is. Large images and no text content can also trigger some spam filters, particularly if you have a lower Sender Reputation.

I would recommend adding content wherever possible in as text and using image ALT tags to rectify this.

Additionally, instead of directing subscribers to a page where all delivery dates are listed, using segmentation and dynamic content, this image could have been personalised to the recipients location within the email, providing the delivery date for their location (and offering a link to the full list as a side note in case they are shipping presents straight to the recipient).

making the email more personal and relevant, and in most cases, eliminating the need for subscribers to make this extra click that takes them away from ordering.

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