Episode 10: Action Rocket

Let’s Get Interactive!

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Jay Oram from Action Rocket to join me on our monthly E-telligence Masterclass session.

The amount that we are able to do in the inbox is growing. And if we want to keep getting the best results from our email marketing we need to understand how our audiences want to interact with email going forward and how we can make their journeys faster, easier and more enjoyable. There is a wealth of emerging technical capabilities for email marketing that many companies are just scraping the surface off.

In today’s episode, Jay and I talk about interactive email and how you can use it to surprise, delight and engage your audiences with your design and of course, make it even easier for them to convert.

Jay is part of the design and code solutions team at the ActionRocket. In his role at ActionRocket, Jay is usually experimenting with new code for emails or finding that elusive rendering fix.


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