Reactivation & Re-permissioning Guide

Win back inactive customers and email subscribers Studies have shown that as many as 75% of the subscribers on a typical email file will not have opened or clicked within the past 6 months, which can negatively impact response and deliverability rates. Email marketing reactivation strategies help to clean up companies’ customer databases, reduce wasted […]

28 Ways to Build Your Email List

Ideas for product & service based businesses Drive targeted, relevant sign ups to your list Give back and add value to your subscribers Access to our monthly newsletter packed full of email marketing tips, tricks, news and special offers from eFocus Marketing Love this? Here are some others you might like…

Creating a High Converting Welcome Email Series

Quick reference guide How an automated welcome series provides an incredible opportunity to build and nurture the relationship, develop brand loyalty, and prompt sales. The key elements needed to implement an engaging welcome email series that starts a mutually rewarding customer relationship properly in the right way. How to build interest and engage new subscribers […]

9 Top Tips to Reduce Your Email Marketing Complaint Rate

A high complaint rate is a sign that something is not hitting the mark with your mailings. Complaints are also one of the main elements ISPs will look at when determining your deliverability and Inbox Placement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take many junk/spam complaints for a sender to experience deliverability issues and become blocked by an […]

E-telligence Quick Reference Guide

Email marketing isn’t dead the way you’re using it is The #1 way you can take control of your email marketing campaigns and start making a difference to your results IMMEDIATELY The 3 key areas to focus in on to increase the opens, clicks and conversions on the campaigns you’re sending The #1 strategy GUARANTEED […]