Episode 7: Odicci

Interactive opt ins: Driving Offline Online and Promoting Loyalty Through Innovation

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Jacques Prothon from Odicci to join me on our monthly E-telligence Masterclass session.

I wanted to invite Jacques on the show today to discuss a really important subject: list growth! And more specifically, growing your email list in fun, intuitive and interactive ways beyond just our standard sign up forms.

Growing your email list is such an important topic – especially post GDPR where many companies removed large chunks of their list and saw their revenues drop because of it. But not only that, just generally we have to be aware of the rate at which our list is churning (called your attrition rate or churn rate) – attrition eats up about 25-30% of the average email list every year. And that’s just those who actually unsubscribe or bounce from your lists. There’s also those who emotionally unsubscribe (but don’t actually hit that button) and go inactive, and those who don’t see your emails anymore – perhaps due to deliverability problems or because you’re sending to an email account, they don’t use any more. This could account for another 10-25% of your list.

So not only do you need to work on list cleansing and reactivation, your list growth efforts have to outpace your list’s attrition rate . If they don’t, no matter how much list building you do, your email list will stay the same size. It might even get a bit smaller.

In this episode Jacque and I discuss:

  • How you grow your email list and do it in a way that really engages subscribers
  • What an interactive email sign is and how it differs from a standard opt in process
  • Who can benefit from interactive marketing
  • How interactive sign ups work in the offline world and help to connect offline and online
  • Some of the biggest mistakes we see companies making when it comes to email sign ups
  • How interactive experiences helping companies re-engage and re-activate lapsed audiences
  • The psychological effect of interactivity

Jacques is the founder and CEO of ODICCI a company specialised in interactive marketing. Jacques has been working in the CRM / Email Marketing space for more than 10 years both in the UK and in the Benelux.


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