Episode 4: TrustedHouseSitters

How TrustedHouseSitters surprise, delight and engage their audience with intelligent email marketing campaigns

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Catherine Loftus from TrustedHouseSitters to our monthly E-telligence Brand Spotlight session.

Catherine is the head of marketing at TrustedHouseSitters, based in Brighton and has worked for them for over 3 years. TrustedHouseSitters Connects pet owners with people who want to go pet sitting – in over 130 countries around the world!

During the interview, Catherine was kind enough to share some amazing insights into how they keep their subscribers so engaged and generate 30-40% of their acquisition revenue through email marketing.

We also discussed:

  • What a day in the life of the head of marketing at TrustedHouseSitters and how email sits within the TrustedHouseSitters marketing strategy and marketing team
  • How the marketing acquisition strategy is structured around email marketing and why – nurture and educating.
  • How TrustedHouseSitters use their email marketing strategically to communicate with both sides of the network tailored to each segment specifically and their needs (automation, manual emails, segmentation and content)
  • Why you need to thinking about your audience as PEOPLE! Bringing your message into real life, adjusting your content and knowing when to increase and decrease your frequency
  • How TrustedHouseSitters use their data to personalise campaigns and create a connection with their subscribers – including using Liveclicker to delight and surprise them with real time dynamic content.
  • The top performing triggered emails that TrustedHouseSitters send and why they’re so successful
  • Their exciting personalisation & automation plans for the future to increase results and cut down manual build times for the team to free up resources
  • TrustedHouseSitters biggest challenge when it comes to email marketing and how they overcome this within the business
  • Why working with an email marketing consultant was so valuable to TrustedHouseSitters


NOTE: We apologise for the slightly dull sound on some of the audio – we are working on improving this for future videos.


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