Episode 3: 250OK

Deliverability & the holistic story marketers need to understand for better inbox placement (with 250OK)

For our very first E-telligence Masterclass it is my absolute pleasure to be joined by Matthew Vernhout from 250OK

Matt’s email experience spans more than 17 years, during which he has faithfully advocated for the channel through refining email marketing and privacy best practices, influencing anti-spam legislation and compliance, and managing ISP expectations.
During the interview, Matt was kind enough to share some fantastic insights with us around one of my favourite subjects – deliverability!

Matt and I discuss:

  • The distinction you need to make between delivery rate and delivered rate (Inbox Placement Rate – IPR)
  • How 250OK helps you to monitor your delivered rate
  • The biggest changes seen in filtering over the last 18-24 months; IP vs. domain-based reputation
  • Legal regulations from around the world
  • The main elements of email authentication you need to implement to create a solid email sending infrastructure
  • What to do when you see deliverability warning signs occurring and fix issues

About 250OK

250OK are an email intelligence platform providing additional services and analytics on top of those in your Email Service Provider (ESP) including Inbox Placement Rate monitoring, analytics, DMARC services, a signal network monitoring spam traps and a number of consulting services to help you understand potential pitfalls in your program or solve domain specific deliverability issues.


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