Ep8 – Decoding Customer Signals: The Power of RFM Marketing Mastery

In the eigth episode of the "Email and Beyond," hosts Kate Barrett and Richard Wall delve into how you can decode your customer signals through RFM marketing mastery

Join Richard Wall, Campaign Marketing Manager at Spotler UK, and Kate Barrett, Founder and CEO of e-Focus Marketing, as they dive deep into the world of RFM modelling.

In this episode of “Email and Beyond,” they explore the relevance of RFM analysis in today’s marketing landscape, debunking the myth that it’s outdated.

Discover how RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) can revolutionise your approach to audience segmentation and transform your marketing strategy. 

Don’t miss out on the actionable insights that can reshape the way you connect with your audience.

  • What is RFM Modeling? Understanding the core principles.
  • Debunking the myth: Is RFM dead or still a vital marketing tool?
  • The evolution from RFM to eRFM and beyond.
  • Overcoming challenges: Why some perceive RFM as outdated.
  • Unleashing the potential: Layering engagement data for deeper segmentation.
  • Practical applications: Using RFM beyond email marketing.
  • The case for personalised strategies: Tailoring content based on RFM segments.
  • Avoiding the extremes: Overuse vs. underuse of RFM in marketing.
  • RFM in B2B: Adapting the model for lead scoring and business contexts.
  • Actionable steps: How to get started with RFM modelling and optimise your campaigns.

Tune in to explore the untapped potential of RFM modelling and reshape your marketing strategies for maximum impact!

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