Ep7 – Email Marketing Room 101: Unveiling the Industry’s Pain Points & Myths

In the seventh episode of "Email and Beyond," hosts Kate Barrett and Richard Wall delve into email marketing room 101!

Join Kate Barrett, founder and CEO of eFocus Marketing, and Richard Wall, marketing campaign manager for Spotler UK, in a candid therapy session as they explore the email marketing frustrations and pet peeves that need to be banished to Room 101.

In this episode, they dissect common practices that drive marketers crazy, sharing insights and anecdotes.

From the mindless “just send another email” approach to the cringe-worthy use of terms like “newsletters” and “eblasts,” they unravel the intricacies of effective email strategies. 

Tune in for a therapeutic discussion that promises laughs, insights, and a fresh perspective on email marketing.

  • The “just send another email” mentality
  • The pitfalls of generic newsletters and eblasts
  • Emotional appeals like “we miss you” in B2B marketing
  • The importance of understanding and segmenting your audience
  • Overcoming the myth that an ESP controls your deliverability

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