Customer centric welcome email series boosts click rate by 69% for Nonprofit Courses

Nonprofit.Courses helps you access thousands of online nonprofit training courses, assisting your staff, board members, and volunteers thrive in their roles.

The transformation of our welcome series didn't just lead to significant improvements in open and click rates among new subscribers; it also garnered positive feedback from our loyal community members. They've taken notice of the enhancements in our email designs and have expressed their appreciation for the changes.

eFocus Marketing's expertise in revitalising our welcome series played a crucial role in increasing our visibility for events, courses, and educational materials. They also provided valuable guidance to newcomers to our brand, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Moreover, the introduction of an engaging welcome series enabled us to effectively showcase our new product offerings.

Matt Hugg, Founder

  • Challenges
  • Solution & Changes
  • Results

Nonprofit.Courses offers a variety of education and training opportunities supporting the non profit industry.

Like any small business, Nonprofit Courses faced the challenge of working with a limited email marketing resource while aiming to achieve their brand enhancement and subscriber growth goals.

Key challenges included:

  • Enhancing Engagement: There was a desire to enhance subscriber engagement, particularly with the welcome series, which required an engaging approach to captivate and retain new subscribers.
  • Enhancing Design Elements:
    Opportunities existed for improving the overall visual aesthetics and appeal, with a focus on drawing subscribers’ attention towards the call-to-action elements.
  • Enhancing the Experience for New Subscribers:
    There were crucial pieces of information that new subscribers needed, which were currently missing from the series. By concentrating on the acquisition phase of the customer lifecycle and gaining a deep understanding of their requirements at this stage, we aimed to guide them toward greater

eFocus Marketing worked with Nonprofit.Courses on a retainer basis over the course of a year, devising strategies that optimised results while staying within the defined budgets.

Part of this work was to plan and optimise their welcome email series.

eFocus Marketing created a comprehensive email workflow plan, clearly outlining key details such as email timing, content outline and considerations.

Once Nonprofit Courses had then created the content, eFocus Marketing optimised this and built the email series into the optimised templates within ActiveCampaign.

  • Revitalised Email Creative & Content Update: eFocus Marketing redesigned the welcome series, turning the emails into engaging, well-designed communications that resonated with subscribers.
  • Effective Welcome Series: Together we crafted an engaging welcome series that fostered a stronger bond with new subscribers, resulting in improved engagement and retention rates.


Ongoing monitoring, testing, and optimisation remained a priority, ensuring that improvements were consistently made throughout our engagement.

Nonprofit.Courses achieved substantial and measurable results over the first 6 months after implementation, showcasing the impact of our collaborative efforts.

The successful launch of a new welcome series resulted in a more robust connection with new subscribers.

With an uplift in engagement, this translated to improved retention rates and a stronger sense of community.

  • 69% increase in click rates
  • 8.7% increase in open rates
  • 54% increase in CTOR

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