MVF sees complaints drop by 40% and delivery rates improved to 99.88%

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MVF provides a scalable source of new customers to businesses all over the world. As a business they send millions of emails a month to their subscribers and rely heavily on email as an ongoing revenue generation channel

With little communication directly from the ISP and block bounce issues for a fairly significant period, it was very useful to get qualified advice on the best course of action following a significant audit by Kate.

Working with the team allowed us to share the knowledge for future learnings as well so we can use this work as a baseline to improve our performance further in the future. Some really positive steps in the right direction!

Matt Orchard

Head of CRM, MVF Global
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This particular IP pool had seen significant and ongoing delivery problems, with Microsoft blocks frequently seen.

eFocus Marketing worked with MVF to review their current deliverability and inbox placement rate situation through an in depth review and analysis of the current results and strategy.

By completing this audit, eFocus Marketing were able to identify key drivers of the deliverability issues (in this case, complaints) and recommend next steps to be taken to start rectifying these issues at MBPs that had been identified as suffering from the most significant problems. This included working to reduce complaint rates by implementing the Microsoft JMRP to identify and remove complainants, encouraging the team to conduct deeper analysis into the source of these complaints (data sources, specific campaign types) and work on improving the overall customer experience and journey to improve this metric in the long run and increase positive engagement rates even further.

After making the changes, MVF saw the following results:

  • No blocks were seen from Microsoft domains since the implementation of the project plan came into action
  • Microsoft delivery (acceptance) rate increased from 92.60% in April 2018 (while they suffered from block bounces) to 99.88% in July 2018
  • Complaint rate for Microsoft recipient domains fell by 40% over the same period

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