Personalised welcome email series boosts LeaseLoco’s enquiries by 400%

LeaseLoco is the biggest car leasing comparison site in the UK enabling you to compare millions of deals from over 70 providers.

Working with eFocus Marketing has been one of the most productive and beneficial things we have done.

Working almost from scratch, they were able to give us an amazing amount of help to kick-start our email marketing channel, which has performed better than we had hoped for!

We really appreciate all of this and are so grateful to have worked with an agency who has such great expertise and knowledge to help us. They really made something that was quite overwhelming, very exciting with lots of guidance and direction!

Michaela Crawford

Social & Email Marketing Manager
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With a small team and limited email marketing resources, LeaseLoco were looking for support in planning new automated campaigns around the customer lifecycle to better engage and convert prospects to customers.

Initially, new email marketing subscribers were placed straight into LeaseLoco’s regular send strategy resulting in lower-than-desired enquiry rates from new prospects.

Implementing a welcome email series allows for immediate follow-up, thanking and acknowledging new subscribers during the acquisition phase of their journey with LeaseLoco.

By seizing this opportunity, we were able to deliver key information over a sequence of emails to nurture the subscriber towards conversion.

eFocus Marketing worked with LeaseLoco to plan and implement a new welcome email series (for new email-only sign ups) to welcome and nurture subscribers into the brand and encourage them through to an enquiry as soon as possible.

The tailored welcome email series took into account customer data and the needs of the customer during this crucial stage of the relationship.

With this strategic planning approach, we are able to develop quality messaging ensuring a positive start to the customer journey. 

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By sending a sequence of targeted content in a series of emails over the first two weeks after sign up, LeaseLoco have so far seen…

In March 2023, the email channel generated 10% of Leaseloco’s total enquiries an increase of 400% (from 2% in September 2022 – pre-welcome series implementation).

Since implementation, the welcome series has generated 11.9% of total marketing email enquiries.

The new welcome series also have a significantly higher click through rate and click to open rate.

Average stats for new welcome series (compared to average of all email stats):

Open rate: 73.27% (+3%)
CTR: 25.62% (+202%)
CTOR: 31.92% (+161%)

Best performing campaign in welcome series stats (compared to average of all email stats):

Open rate: 74.32% (+5%)
CTR: 32.43% (+282%)
CTOR: 43.64% (+256%)



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