Complaint rates reduce by 12.9% & RPC up 6% for MVF

MVF Global‘s platform helps ambitious businesses grow by delivering high volumes of new customers.

MVF provides a scalable source of new customers to businesses all over the world. As a business they send millions of emails a month to their subscribers and rely heavily on email as an ongoing revenue generation channel

Kate’s advice allowed us to action more significant, revolutionary tests backed by solid qualified hypotheses. The multi-triggered campaign was created following a thorough analysis using the team to find where our major user journey flaws were, and has changed our best practice for these sends for the better – as shown by the results.

  • Challenges
  • Solution & Changes
  • Results

Multiple offers sent in separate emails to the subscribe in quick succession post-sign up, resulted in a high complaint rate in the initial stages of the customer journey.

eFocus Marketing worked with MVF to create an overall complaint reduction strategy, which included implemented of a Multi–Triggered Campaign (and rolled out across 17 markets after testing) and follow up email 2 hours later instead of multiple individual emails for different offers.

This sought to reduce the number of emails sent, improve the user experience and offer a better selection of offers whilst the user was still in that mind frame, subsequently reducing complaints.

After making the changes, MVF saw the following results:

  • Complaint rate has reduced from 0.062 to 0.054. (-12.90%)
  • RPC for users in the test increased by up to 6%

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