Episode 6: Help for Heroes

How Help for Heroes use email to connect with subscribers at a human level

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Najmah Salam from Help for Heroes to our monthly E-telligence Brand Spotlight session.

Najmah is the Digital Marketing Executive at Help for Heroes (taking care of the email marketing and PPC campaigns) and brings a wealth of knowledge to the charity from her previous travel and retail experience.

During the interview, Najmah was kind enough to share some fantastic insights into the importance of email marketing for them and how it sits within the Help for Heroes marketing mix (with PPC, paid social, offline marketing etc.).

We also discussed:

  • How Najmah’s career journey that led her to Help for Heroes and how her previous retail experience is helping her move their strategy forward
  • Why you need to listen to what subscribers are telling you – directly and through their behaviour with your campaigns
  • How Not-for-Profit organisations can benefit from looking at other sectors for inspiration with their email marketing campaigns
  • Why marketers need to expand their life experience to become better at their jobs
  • The importance of data: Using email to understand your audience – what they’re saying and their behaviour is telling you
  • How Help for Heroes are developing their email marketing strategy and tailoring their strategy and content for different segments within their audience



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