Episode 2: Vision Direct

How Vision Direct increased their email marketing click rate by 557%

As our very first episode, it is my pleasure to welcome Emma Haskell from Vision Direct to our monthly E-telligence Brand Spotlight session.

Emma has worked for Vision Direct for 7 years and is the head of customer retention for the brand.

During the interview, Emma was kind enough to share some fantastic insight with us including:

  • Vision direct send weekly marketing campaigns across 3 core segments (active customers, lapsed customers and registered not bought customers).
  • Personalisation of email content is key to drive re-orders: they saw a 557% increase in clicks from using hyper personalised content recommendations (using Fresh Relevance)
  • Personalised welcome email based on specific customer type (from specialised landing page with incentive to opt in) in their French market achieves a 70% open rate and 31% click through rate.
  • Vision Direct are using SMS to back up the reminder to re-order messaging they send via email, providing a cohesive message across channels

About Vision Direct

Vision Direct is the fastest and easiest way to buy contact lenses online. Ordering lenses with us is a hassle-free process and takes just 2 minutes. Repeat ordering is even quicker with speedy 3-click reorders. With Vision Direct you’ll save money without compromising on quality, as we stock the same contacts as high street opticians, without lengthy queues. Plus, we’re always open, with a dedicated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service helpline.



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