Episode 20: Pure360

Changing the email marketing status quo – how to win friends and influence people with your email marketing. with Mark Ash

Hi and welcome to another episode of E-telligence.

Today we’re going to talk about changing the status-quo around email marketing and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Mark Ash – CEO of Pure360 to join me in this discussion today!

Mark has over 20 years experience in email and digital marketing. He has held a number of senior leadership roles within the MarTech industry. He started his career at DoubleClick during the early days of digital advertising and has also led the growth of a number of other digital marketing businesses.

Pure360 are the sponsors of the DMA’s most recent reports: the Marketer Tracker (released in March) and the Consumer Tracker (released in January) so we will be referring to some of the stats from those in this episode – if you don’t already have a copy, head over to the Pure360 website and download them via the links above.

These reports both highlight some of the key challenges and trends marketers experience when it comes to creating good email marketing campaigns. These reports both highlight some of the key challenges and trends marketers experience when it comes to creating good email marketing campaigns.

And the world is changing. We have to make sure that our strategies and how we implement these into our daily campaigns is adapting and changing too – otherwise, email as whole wont die, but your results are going to see a steady decline. And we don’t want that!

Having a customer centric approach to your email marketing is absolutely vital. And this means understanding what your customers want as well as how and when you can deliver this to them in a way that’s going to truly connect. Especially when we have times like we’ve seen this year with the global Covid-19 pandemic, but just in day to day life as well. Being human, is key to good email marketing.

Join Mark and I for this episode and discover:

  • Why there is still a difference between what marketers think vs. what consumers want
  • How to communicate with senior leadership better in order to get buy in for your email marketing in the future (resources, support and learning opportunities)
  • Some of the key considerations we need to have when it comes to the new way of interacting with subscribers
  • Why data is at the heart of everything that you want to do and how you can use it to better understand your subscribers at a human level
  • Why we need to move from a product-led approach to a customer-led approach and how you can do that in your business
  • How you can overcome the challenge of technology when it comes to the successful execution of your email marketing campaigns
  • The need to change the way we view metrics to evaluate ongoing success

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