Episode 13: DotDigital

Omni-Channel – building a cohesive strategy with email marketing at its core with Gavin Laugenie

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Gavin Laugenie from Dotdigital to our latest E-telligence Masterclass 

Today we’re talking all about omnichannel marketing – what is it, do we need to be thinking about it and how does email marketing fit in!

So let’s break it down and clarify what we mean by omnichannel to begin with.

Multichannel is where we are using lots of different marketing channels (SMS, social media, PPC, email, print etc.) at the same time, but independently of each other. Whereas omni channel is where we are using lots of different channels, but together, in conjunction with each other. With information feeding back and forth between each and informing the decisions of the other. So, your communication with a prospect or customer is inclusive of all activities.

But being able to do this rests of having the right data, in the right place to be able to join your messaging together. Which can be a challenge, that’s for sure, but if you get it right, omni channel marketing means the experience your customers and prospects have with your business is much better.

Gav is a veteran of over 10 years in the email marketing industry. After a stint in New York to setup dotdigitals customer success division, Gavin now heads up the companies thought leadership team, is a keen blogger and speaker, judge of the Stevie awards 2019 and the DMA awards 2018 and sits on the DMA email council.

He has worked closely with organizations in both the B2B and B2C sectors such as Universal Music Group, British Cycling, Vizio, Oliver Bonas, Asana and Copa Airlines in the UK and US, helping them to build their email programmes to drive increased customer experience, lifetime value, loyalty and ultimately return on investment.

During this episode, Gavin and I discuss:

  • Why having an omni channel strategy is important and how email marketing fits in to it in 2020?
  • Why having an omni channel strategy is important and how email marketing fits in to it in 2020?
  •  If everyone be working towards an Omnichannel approach
  •  Do companies risk the losing relevance if they don’t adopt an omnichannel strategy

  • Examples of how omni channel marketing strategies work in practice

  • Some of the key considerations of implementing this into your business


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