Ep10 – Unveiling the Power of Gmail Promotions Tab: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

In the tenth episode of "Email and Beyond," hosts Kate Barrett and Richard Wall delve into how you can make the most of the Gmail promotions tab to make your emails stand out in the inbox

Welcome to the Email and Beyond Podcast with Kate Barrett, founder and CEO of eFocus Marketing, and Richard Wall, marketing campaign manager for Spotler UK.

In this episode, they dive deep into the often misunderstood Gmail Promotions Tab. 

Contrary to common perceptions, the promotions tab is not the enemy but an integral part of the inbox.

Listen in to discover how you can leverage this space strategically and stand out amidst the competition.

  • Demystifying the Promotions Tab: Understand why the promotions tab is not a hindrance but a valuable space for marketers.
  • Strategic Approach: Explore the hosts’ insights on embracing the promotions tab strategically, rather than viewing it as an obstacle.
  • Gmail Annotations and Product Carousels: Learn about Gmail’s tools, including annotations and product carousels, that can make your emails stand out in the promotions tab.
  • Building Trust: Discover the importance of building trust in the inbox and how elements like BIMI and clear branding contribute to it.
  • Audience-Centric Strategy: Explore the significance of tailoring your approach based on the preferences and behaviours of your Gmail-using audience.
  • Segmentation and Deliverability: Understand the need to segment your audience based on email providers and how it ties into overall deliverability.

Tune in to gain valuable insights that will transform the way you perceive and utilise the Gmail Promotions Tab for effective email marketing.

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