As an email marketer, you know that the field is always evolving. From Apple’s move to block opens to  the loss of cookies to new innovations, it’s important to stay on top of the trends, changes, and best practices in the industry. Keeping up to date with email marketing is important – with changes happening frequently that can affect the performance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

One of my top pieces of advice for email marketers that want to grow is to constantly learn not only from our own campaigns but from other prominent figures in the industry and their knowledge and experience (perhaps that’s even why you’re reading this blog now!).

In order to keep developing your knowledge in both email marketing and other surrounding topics, it’s important to examine different points of view.  That’s why I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite email marketing blogs to share with you (in no particular order)! Enjoy!

Email design and strategy blogs:


A complete B2B inbound and outbound marketing software, Spotler’s blog is full of great insights on lead generation, marketing automation, sales management, email marketing, social media, and all things GDPR. On the email marketing side of things, they tend to cover some top-performing subject lines and deliverability.


On their blog, Dotdigital covers all things marketing, from artificial intelligence to customer engagement to SMS marketing. As an ESP, they also offer plenty of insider email marketing know-how.


The SparkPost blog focuses on best practice, advice, and the industry trends email marketers need to know. In particular, the blog highlights helpful tips for email marketers, like how to manage burnout or gifts that #emailgeeks will love.


Want to know how you stack up to other email marketers? Take the Pure360 bench test to see how strong your game is. Then, dive into the plethora of resources on their blog, which covers topics like email accessibility, how various industries can reach their audiences, and how to increase customer loyalty through your campaigns. 


For a comprehensive look at digital marketing, the Hubspot blog is a great place to study up. With a broad array of topics, including email newsletters, email marketing, customer retention, and the sales process, you can learn a lot in one place. 


Creative design studio ActionRocket focuses on designing great emails. Don’t miss their monthly round-up of the best email designs. They also have tips and tricks for email code and design best practices.


The Litmus blog is packed with insights, ranging from their yearly State of Email report to best practices for email design. Be sure to catch their monthly design blog posts to see the best in email. 

Deliverability blogs:


Curious about how email clients filter your emails? Wondering about email deliverability basics? Learn from the Validity blog, which specializes in deliverability. 

Word to the Wise

Written by deliverability experts Laura and Steve Wise, the Word to the Wise blog gets deep into the knitty-gritty of email deliverability.


The Kickbox blog has a focus on deliverability, but it also explores email marketing in general. Learn all about how to warm up your IP, how to scrub your email list, and email verification best practices. 

Thought leadership and email expert blogs:

Only Influencers

Full of insights from some of the best and brightest minds in the email industry, the Only Influencers blog is a must-read. The blog explores email strategy, design, and how to get the most out of your email marketing career. 

Data & Marketing Association

The DMA offers a huge library of insights and industry knowledge for marketers. To hone in on email marketing, filter for email. There, you’ll get all articles specifically from the DMA Email Council members on topics like email accessibility, relevance, and deliverability.


Written by specialist email marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn, EmailMonday is especially known for its annual review of email marketing trends and predictions. You can also read through some great strategy and practical tips. 

Email Marketing Rules

Email marketing veteran, Chad White, highlights noteworthy subject lines, trends, and great tweets from the #emailgeeks community during the month. It’s also a great place to find blogs that Chad has personally written about email strategy and design. 

RPE Origin

Headed up by Managing Director Ryan Phelan, RPE Origin is the combination of two strong players in the email field: the agencies Red Pill Email and Origin Email. Catch all of their insightful thought leadership on the blog.

Last words

These are by no means all the email blogs out there. Fortunately for email geeks in 2022, there is a wealth of knowledge you can take advantage of to grow and develop your skills. Are there any other email marketing blogs that you enjoy reading that I’ve missed off the list? Leave a comment below and let me know!