Email Marketing Template Review.

Need a review of your current Email Marketing template?

With our Email Marketing Template Review, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your email template and the last 6 months results it has achieved.

We will provide you with a documented evaluation of your chosen template through 3 key areas:

Through each of these areas we will measure your current creative against 15 key best practice elements and offer recommendations on possible improvements and testing strategies. As well as this, we offer important analysis and insight into your last 6 months campaign results and any trends observed.


Message & Branding

Technical Specifications

Why do I need a Template Review?

It is important to ensure that your email templates follow current email marketing best practice and include key elements to give your campaigns the best chance of success.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • How can I increase the results of my email marketing campaigns
  • Why doesn’t my current email creative garner high results?
  • Why aren’t my subscribers engaged with my creative?
  • Where do I start updating my template?
  • What are the current email marketing best practices around creatives?
  • How do I optimise my welcome message or other triggered campaigns?

If you have, a Creative Review is a great step forward in generating answers and increasing your results.

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