Email Marketing Strategy Creation.

An active, engaged and purchasing subscriber demands effective messaging across four key phases of the customer life-cycle


growing your list with opted in, active and engaged subscribers.


encouraging engagement and driving revenue.


providing subscribers with relevant and useful content so that they engage with your email marketing, regardless of whether or not they are in-market to make a purchase at that time. Ensuring you gain loyalty from subscribers and encouraging a repeat purchase.


bringing unresponsive subscribers and purchasers back into the business and email programme.

At eFocus Marketing, we work with our clients to ensure messaging is implemented across each of these stages in a way that is engaging to subscribers, to support the ongoing needs of the business and provide an in-depth step by step strategy for individual types of campaign.

For example, this could be used to develop strategies for campaigns such as:

  • Abandoned basket
  • Customer journey mapping project
  • Abandoned browse
  • List growth
  • Reactivation (subscriber / customer)
  • Customer loyalty programme