Email Marketing Strategy Audit.

Need a health check of your current email marketing programme?

Worried you’re missing out important campaigns, opportunities or best practices to improve your results within the email lifecycle?

This audit will give you a clear outline of your current situation, areas of weakness and areas of opportunity.

The key to maximising ROI and increasing revenue and response from email marketing, is to improve the subscriber experience and monitor key metrics that contribute to your sender reputation.

When expectations have been clearly set and subscribers welcome and enjoy the messages they receive, they are more likely to convert, respond, forward and engage with your email marketing communications over the long term, increasing their lifetime value to your business.

Email Strategy

How We Work

Our email marketing strategy audit and roadmap looks at the following key areas, giving you a clear view of your current situation, identifying areas that are impacting your deliverability and those that are preventing maximum engagement and revenue:

  • The current email marketing landscape
  • Program performance review and recommendations

Looking at key areas of your email marketing programme including:

  • Email list growth
  • Campaign performance
  • Subscriber engagement – review your end to end strategy to ensure it successfully targets customers at each stage of the email marketing lifecycle
  • Subject lines & content analysis
  • Deliverability audit
  • Email content & creative review – how your content renders in the different browsers and devices and ensuring your brand and key messages are being displayed

6 Month Project Plan

This audit provides an overall review of your email program across 30+ best practice areas.

Findings include identifying areas of vulnerability, as well as areas of opportunity, along with practical and actionable recommendations for adjustments that will move the needle and show results.

Our customised recommendations address a range of email marketing challenges that, when implemented, will allow you to create both small and large gains, improve deliverability and boost engagement, revenue and ROI.