Now is the time to supercharge your email marketing!

Welcome to the course!

Make the most of your time and increase your email marketing knowledge so you can better connect with your audience, move your strategy forward and increase your email marketing revenue!

Below you’ll find 6 modules taking you through each stage of the course.

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Time: 4:51

Module 1 – Setting Your Email Marketing Objectives

Time: 14:38

The foundation of a good marketing strategy is knowing where you want to go and why. We’ll start off by laying this groundwork and exploring the link between different levels of objectives within your business and how these should inform the direction of your email marketing strategy to maximise your impact within the business.

Module 2 – The Importance Of Data To Underline Your Strategy

Time: 45:26

As marketers, is imperative we have full control of our data – and that starts with knowing what you have where, why and how, as well as what’s missing.


We’ll start our training by getting really clear on what data you might have access to and how it impacts everything you will want to do going forward.

Then, I’ll show you how to conduct a data audit and update/collect new data to get a really clear view of what’s going on in your business and truly take control!

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Module 3 – Segmentation & Personalisation Strategy

Time: 46:35

Now that you know what data you have, let’s start to look at how you could segment your database using it, and even better, personalise your content to create a 1-2-many experience.

We’ll explore how you choose which data to use to create your segments, how you weigh up which segments are worth investing in for the maximum return, how you prioritise implementation and match the right content, to the right segment.

We’ll also look at the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to play here in streamlining your process.

Module 4 – Understand The Customer Journey

Time: 46:42

Next, we’re going to explore exactly how you put the customer at the heart of everything that you do in all ways, always. I’ll show you the key stages of the customer journey, the data you need to identify people at each stage, examples of campaigns you could implement and what each stage means for the content you need to create; both for your manual campaigns and automations.

We’ll also discuss some of the key considerations when it comes to planning email automations for your business around the customer lifecycle.

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Module 5 – Design Your Emails  For Engagement

Time: 50:06

Now, that we have explored who you’re sending your emails to, let’s look at how you make your content engaging and accessible to all.
We’ll take a look at:

  • Accessibility Considerations
  • Interactive email design – what do you need to know to get started and when does using interactivity make sense?
  • Creating an email design that encourages conversion

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Module 6 – Testing For Success!

Optimising your pre-send QA Process and Conducting successful A/B Split Testing on Your Live Sends

Time: TBC

In the final section of our course, we’re going to look at how you optimise your pre-send QA testing process to ensure your emails are mistake-free – for individuals and larger teams.

You’ll also learn how to prioritise testing ideas and make sure that your A/B split tests on your live sends actually get results you can use on an ongoing basis to improve your campaign performance – not just in email, but across the marketing mix.



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BONUS Module 1 – Growing Your Email List

Time: TBC

You’ll learn…

  • The anatomy of a good email sign up form
  • Website sign up form placement opportunities to maximise conversion
  • Email marketing and the omnichannel strategy
  • How to identify which marketing channels to use to drive email marketing sign-ups



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BONUS Module 2 – Getting Your Emails to the Inbox

Time: TBC

You’ll learn…

  • The difference between deliverability and Inbox Placement
  • Key elements of your sender reputation
  • How to identify deliverability problems
  • What to do when problems occur



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BONUS Module 3 – Choosing the Right Platform to Support Your Email Marketing Strategy

Time: TBC

You’ll learn…

  • The marketing platform landscape
  • Review your current situation and determine your platform requirements
  • Research the market and put out an RFP
  • Test your platform shortlist
  • Make your decision and start the migration process