Email Deliverability Audit.

Having problems with your current delivery rates?

We will assess your current delivery rates and investigate the probable causes of why your email is currently being filtered to the spam folder or blocked.

As part of this audit we will break down the key technical aspects you need to be aware of and any problems with your infrastructure, as well as key strategy recommendations, to improve your sender reputation and results.

How We Can Help

We will dive into the following 4 key areas to identify specific causes that are impacting your delivery performance as well as providing guidance in rectifying those issues and resolving delivery problems:

Reputation & Deliverability

We’ll take an in-depth look at your deliverability performance across the various ISPs, by IP and domain (depending on your available reporting and the ability to break this down by each of these differences). We’ll help you to identify probable root causes around bulking and complaints etc.


If your sending infrastructure is not implemented in a way that is conducive to the mailbox providers being able to accurately ascertain who you are, you fall at the first hurdle when it comes to getting your emails delivered successfully and placed in the inbox.


We’ll do a top-level analysis of your current sending practices, from sign up to unsubscribe to identify any areas that should be investigated further that could be causing your current deliverability problems


We’ll look at your content to ensure it is not triggering spam filters and causing additional delivery problems for your sends

  • Understand the key elements that impact deliverability and inbox placement rates
  • Get a clear view of your current deliverability situation
  • Understand how to improve your delivery rates and Inbox Placement Rates
  • Ensure you are following industry best practices