Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you are using it is

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Over 2500 copies sold!

Looking for an insightful email marketing book?

Do you feel the gaps in your email marketing knowledge are holding your email marketing campaigns back? Do you know deep down that your email marketing results could be dramatically improved with a proper strategy?

If you’ve been researching email marketing books to deepen your knowledge, look no further than the bestselling “E-telligence. Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you are using it is,” by email marketing expert Kate Barrett.

This is the best email marketing book for you if:

You are a Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager or Marketing Director looking to boost your email marketing knowledge.

You value email marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

You are looking to improve your career prospects by improving your marketing knowledge.

You are struggling with email marketing and seek a deeper understanding of how to improve campaign results.

You would like to advance your email marketing knowledge through self-study.

What you will learn

Create the foundations for successful email marketing

Once you have read this book on email marketing you will know how to:

  • Conduct an audit of your current strategy
  • Optimise your current campaigns
  • Create an email marketing strategy to increase your email marketing ROI
  • Improve your email marketing campaign results
  • Consistently grow your email list
  • Take your email marketing to the next level
  • Use your email marketing more intelligently

Over 2500 copies sold!

What's included

Your Email Campaign Rule Book

  • A roadmap taking you through 5 key steps to improve your campaign results:
  • Step 1
    Know what you’ve got
  • Step 2
    Improve what you’re doing now
  • Step 3
    Fill in the gaps in your strategy
  • Step 4
    Grow your audience
  • Step 5
    Reach your audience
  • Tasks to encourage you to take action, at the end of each section
  • Case studies throughout to show the success of implementing the types of strategic elements discussed
  • Plus online resources including:
  • A range of downloads to help you complete many of the tasks in the book
  • Videos to support some of the book content including real-life examples
  • A place to submit your questions and seek advice from the community

What Readers Say...

About The Author
Kate Barrett

Kate Barrett is the founder of eFocus Marketing, providing specialist email marketing consultancy, management, and training services to companies around the world.

With a proven track record and over 14 years’ experience (increasing results from opens and clicks, to sales), Kate’s expertise and passion has helped a large range of companies develop comprehensive strategies, to target subscribers with the right message, sent to the right person, at the right time, implement, manage and optimise those campaigns, as well as solve complex email marketing issues including deliverability challenges.

  • Email marketing expert with a proven track record and over 14 years’ experience in email marketing
  • Author of the bestselling book “E-telligence. Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you are using it is”
  • Email marketing speaker at worldwide events
  • Institute of Direct Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing tutor
  • Blue-chip clients include Nissan, Adidas, QVC, Marks & Spencer, TUI, Argos and more
  • Direct Marketing Association Council Member (2014-2017) (2019-2021)