How Tech Show London increased conversions by 77% through intelligent email

About Tech Show London (Closerstill Media)

  • The UK’s largest B2B Tech Event
  • 5 co-located shows, providing the world’s-leading tech companies a platform to present their groundbreaking solutions + innovations to key decision makers.
  • 22,500+ annual attendees from over 90 countries
  • 380 exhibitors in 2023 with more expected in 2024
Tech Show London - Closerstill Media

Working with Kate and eFocus Marketing has been hugely beneficial for Tech Show London.

Offering a holistic approach, they helped re-build our email campaigns from the ground up. Introducing important considerations around audience segmentation, journey mapping, and best practices for creating content, we experienced phenomenal audience growth for our 2023 event.

We’ll be enlisting eFocus Marketing’s expertise once again in 2024!

  • Challenges
  • Solution & Changes
  • Results

Tech Show London’s biggest challenges when driving new visitors included:

  • Exhibitors and sponsors most wanted to meet Senior Tech leaders from end-user/Fortune500 companies e.g. CTO at Coca-Cola, CEO at IBM
  • Previously, the team had struggled to drive visitors of this calibre en masse.
  • They wanted to boost visitor numbers whilst retaining quality
  • Struggled to curate compelling content that maximised attendance

Through a series of hands on, in-person, interactive workshops, eFocus Marketing worked with the Tech Show London team to:

  • Understand the data they hold about their subscribers and how it can be used to better segment and personalise their messages to increase engagement
  • Map the emotional customer journey throughout the lifecycle to understand what different Persona’s need at each stage
  • Visualise the current campaign plan and suggesting amendments to targeting, content and timing to better engage the audience (based on the above information)
  • Suggest ideas for dynamic personalised content changes based on key segments

By understanding their audience and tailoring content accordingly, Tech Show London saw some impressive results:

Tech Show London 22 vs 23 Topline Email Results:

  • Registrations from email +77%
  • Attendance from email +168%
  • Total clicks +10%
  • Opens +33%
  • Page views +103%
  • ISP complaints -54%

Overall Results:

Increased conversions:

  • +20% in total registrations (a new record!); Over 30,000 total registrations, surpassing our previous record of <25,000 in 2019 and achieving our highest number of unique attendees.
  • 6% higher conversion rate than 2022 despite >85% higher attendance.
  • Despite cutting back on email sends this year >36% more high-value attendees than in 2022

Increased visitor & exhibitor satisfaction:

  • Record audience score for Tech Show London, 128% higher than 2019.
  • Record average scans per stand, with our best density per unique attendee.
  • Record number of visitor stands, beating 2022 despite nearly double the number of attendees.
  • 88% of our audience plan to visit again in 2024.

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