Were you an email April fool?

Email marketers really got involved with April fools day this year going above and beyond a simple joke and building a whole customer journey interface to continue the joke.

Here are some of my personal favourites:


Subject Line: Firebox april fools email subject line1

Firebox april fools email

This is a great example of a perfect April fools joke as at first, it appears completely normal. It’s in their usual product based design and some of their products can be pretty out there anyway – so initially, you do wonder if these are actually real products!

Even when you click through on one of the products, the landing page is a perfect replica of their normal sales pages including images, description, customer reviews.. and the normal option to purchase.

When you do click to purchase you are sent to a page that informs you that you’re an
April fool in Firebox’s classic tongue in cheek copy style!
Firebox chicken sales page Firebox chicken sales page buy now landing page


Benefit Cosmetics

Subject Line: Benfit April fools email subject line

Benfit April fools emailUsing their normal quirky style and imagery, Benefit tried to convince us they had launched a range of male cosmetics, even leading the reader to a full landing page of their normal female ranges transformed for the male consumer (and some extra invented products!).

Again, like Firebox, it’s not until you reach the point of wanting to buy one of these brilliant (joke) products that you are told you are an April fool! What’s even better though is Benefit also use the opportunity to creatively display their special offer at the bottom of the creative AND again on the final ‘April fools’ landing page (to ensure the girls don’t feel left out)! Well done Benefit!

Benfit April fools email landing page Benfit April fools email landing page2


Subject Line: dominos april fools email subject line

dominos april fools emailHere dominos also use the opportunity to not only play an April fools prank (and from the comments on the landing page, some people seem to have actually fallen for this one! Dominos doesn’t outright state that its a prank!) but also advertise their ‘Two for Tuesday’ special offer. Again using the same style template as their regular emails, Dominos inform the reader they have created an edible pizza box and lead through to a blog post. As one person commented “Would love to eat it after sitting in the boot of a car…”. Yum!

dominos april fools email landing page


Did you receive an great April fools emails in your inbox this year? Comment below and let me know what made you chuckle!

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