You’re an Email Marketing Whizz!

Skilled, wise but constantly seeking to learn, your email skills are forever growing and you know there is much more you could be doing with your campaigns… if only you had the time and resources to help.

And you’re not alone! Putting a solid strategy in place is something that over 60% of marketers struggle with, mainly due to lack of internal knowledge and resources to actually get the tasks done.  Feel familiar?

There are 3 key steps to a successful email marketing programme:

1.  Understand what your overarching objectives are (for your business, marketing department and channel) and have a clear, documented plan to get you there

2.  Have a clear understanding of, and learn to love, your data!

3.  Always be observing, analysing, testing and optimising your individual campaigns and overall strategy to ensure you’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time and maximising your results

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