Nonprofit Courses sees a 23.04% increase in new subscribers through registration process optimisation

Nonprofit.Courses helps you access thousands of online nonprofit training courses, assisting your staff, board members, and volunteers thrive in their roles.

Nonprofit Courses partnered with eFocus Marketing to enhance our brand image and grow our subscriber base.

Their expertise helped us boost exposure for our events, courses, and learning materials, driving more traffic to our website.

With their guidance, we transformed our email strategy, launching a captivating welcome series and targeted promotions. Through our 12-month collaboration, we've expanded our email types, increased sign-ups, and improved engagement rates.

Their support has truly transformed our email marketing strategies.

Matt Hugg, Director

  • Challenges
  • Solution & Changes
  • Results

Nonprofit.Courses offers a variety of education and training opportunities supporting the non profit industry.

Like any small business, Nonprofit Courses faced the challenge of working within a limited email marketing resources while aiming to achieve their brand enhancement and subscriber growth goals.

The key challenge in this case was to generate an increased number of new email sign ups: There was a large focus on acquisition to grow and sustain a healthy list, in order to promote interest in the organisation’s offerings

Working with Nonprofit.Courses on a retainer basis over the course of a year, eFocus Marketing devising strategies that optimised results while staying within the defined budgets.

Through a thorough Email Registration Optimisation Review project, we identified missed opportunities and improvements to encourage increased sign ups.

  • Placement and Positioning Enhancement: Previously, the website lacked prominent sign-up opportunities, resulting in missed conversions. By strategically repositioning and emphasising sign-up forms, we successfully increased user engagement.
  • Content and Design Optimisation: We recognised the potential to enhance existing sign-up forms by crafting benefit-driven content and customising the design for each form. This approach not only improved user experience but also boosted conversions.
  • Data Collection Refinement: To better understand Nonprofit.Courses’ subscribers and deliver more personalised content, we optimised the data collection process. This allowed us to gather valuable insights for future uses to effectively segment our audience, enabling the delivery of tailored and highly relevant emails.
  • Post-Signup Landing Page: We used the opportunity to create personalised landing pages that express gratitude, confirm subscriptions, and warmly welcome users to our program. This additional step enhanced the overall user experience and reinforced our commitment to our subscriber community’s satisfaction.


eFocus Marketing also worked with Nonprofit Courses to enhance the overall email strategy post sign up –

  • Revitalised the Email Strategy: Through a comprehensive approach, eFocus Marketing redesigned the existing weekly emails and welcome series, turning them into engaging, well-designed communications that resonated with subscribers.
  • Generating Consistent Traffic to the Website: By deploying targeted campaigns and content strategies, eFocus Marketing helped Nonprofit Courses achieve a steady and balanced flow of traffic to their website throughout the week.
  • Introduce More Diverse Email Types: Collaborating closely with eFocus Marketing resulted in the creation of an extended series of diverse business-as-usual (BAU) email types, ensuring a wider range of engaging content for subscribers.
  • Create an Effective Welcome Series: Together we crafted an engaging welcome series that fostered a stronger bond with new subscribers, resulting in improved engagement and retention rates. (Read the full case study about this specific project and how click rate increased by 69% here >)
  • Implement Promotional Plan: The successful launch of promotional and special email campaigns effectively highlighted Nonprofit Courses’ array of offerings, capturing the interest of subscribers.


Ongoing monitoring, testing, and optimisation remained a priority, ensuring that improvements were consistently made throughout our engagement.

This partnership not only addressed challenges but transformed them into opportunities, creating a positive trajectory for Nonprofit Courses’ growth and brand prominence.

Nonprofit.Courses achieved substantial and measurable results, showcasing the impact of our collaborative efforts.

  • Increased Email Sign-Ups: The registration optimisation project resulted in a substantial increase of 23.04% in email sign-ups helping to strengthen brand presence.

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