Trade Show Internet increase conversions by 23% with eFocus Marketing


“Not only were we able to produce an increase in sales, but our unsubscribes and complaints decreased, a great additional benefit.”

Seth Burstein, President at Trade Show Internet



  • To introduce Trade Show Internets services to new prospects not familiar with the company
  • To optimise current email series broadcast to ensure optimal results
  • To increase conversions from mailings sent


  • Full creative review conducted to establish areas that could be improved
  • Increased content to be added to fully introduce the company properly to prospects over a series of emails
  • Switch from using text only emails to HTML emails to increase branding and trust


  • Conversions increased by 23%
  • Unsubscribes decreased by 56%
  • Spam complaints decreased by 69%


Trade Show Internet is a supplier of 3rd party internet (mobile networking) to exhibitors at events and trade shows in the USA. To make new prospects aware of their services, they have been sending a series of 5 emails to purchased lists of people exhibiting at upcoming events in a text only format.

The main challenge for Trade Show Internet was to increase the engagement with these campaigns and therefore, the revenue generated.

Other key challenges included:

  • Creating communications that are valuable to both the company and the recipients.
  • Getting the message and timing right for each customer segment within the database.
  • Encouraging subscribers to use and purchase from Trade Show Internet over competitors and internal venue providers.


eFocus Marketing conducted a full email template review of all 5 creatives currently being sent by Trade Show Internet. Through analysis of over 15 key creative best practice elements and the delivery of personalised recommendations in a comprehensive report alongside wireframe examples, Trade Show Internet was able to pinpoint exact areas that could be optimised and improved to increase performance.

In performing this report, we suggested key recommendations such as:

  • Switching from a text only to HTML based template to allow for increased branding to build trust with prospects.
  • Addition of increased information about the company and the services provided to educate the subscriber through the email series, leading to a sale.
  • Optimisation of various creative elements such as the inclusion of a pre-header, increased call to actions through the content and subject line amendments.
  • Recommendations around testing creative elements as well as the timing of the emails in the series.


Since implementing the recommended changes, Trade Show Internet have seen their Conversions increased by 23%, unsubscribes decreased by 56% and Spam complaints decreased by 69% showing a more positive, responsive audience.

Seth Burstein, President at Trade Show Internet comments: “Our goal was to reinvigorate our email marketing efforts to increase revenue. Not only were we able to produce an increase in sales, but our unsubscribes and complaints decreased, a great additional benefit. We look forward to continuing to implement the changes provided by eFocus Marketing and reaping the benefits.”