Episode 26

Expert Masterclass: Code Breaker! Overcome coding issues and create render-perfect emails

with Gyula Németh

Hi and welcome to another episode of E-telligence.

Today it is my pleasure to be joined by Gyula Németh, co-founder at Chamaileon and EDMdesigner, for this week’s episode.

Gyula has been working on email products since 2013 and is an expert in HTML and Javascript. Along with his co-founder, he has built Chamaileon from zero to worldwide usage.

Today’s topic is one for all the diehard email geeks out there! We’re going into the coding of your emails today and some of the issues you may encounter when creating your campaigns and ensuring they render correctly in all email clients.

It’s absolutely critical you make sure that your emails are built correctly so that they are able to do their job and engage your audience. This covers everything from making sure that they display on mobile devices in a different way from your desktop or webmail version so that they are easy to interact with in all instances, for example,  through to ensuring that the code you use is read and followed by the different mailbox providers you’re sending to.

Join Gyula & Kate as they talk all things email code and rendering:

  • The differences between email clients and rendering engines
  • Your code and what different providers support
  • Considerations for Outlook (desktop) – the bain of an email marketers life!
  • What you need to be aware of when importing that code into your ESP

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