Episode 15

Expert Masterclass:
What do consumers actually want from your brands email marketing?

with Guy Hanson

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Guy Hanson from Validity (Return Path) to our latest E-telligence Masterclass 

In this episode we’re talking all about uncovering what our subscribers actually want from the brands and the email marketing we’re sending – not just what we THINK they want!

Guy is a passionate advocate for intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive sales and marketing programs. With a knowledge base spanning twenty years, he is globally recognised as an email & data expert and thought leader.

Over the past decade, Guy led Return Path’s global consulting team and worked with world-famous clients across 6 continents to improve their email delivery, subscriber engagement and revenue.

Now Validity’s VP for Customer Engagement (International), he continues to
explore his passion for email and data and share it with his clients to maximise
their program value. He’s a strong believer in giving back to his community, speaking at flagship events, providing training, and producing fresh and
insightful thought leadership.

Outside of work, Guy has had long-term involvement with the DMA, currently sitting on the email council and involved with key pieces of research. He is a regular contributor to the industry press and a 3-time finalist as data storyteller of the year.

This conversation has come about not only because Guy was involved in the DMA’s 2020 Consumer Email Tracker Report (sponsored by Pure360), but also because this is a topic area that is often overlooked.

Many of us focus on creating our strategies  around the messaging and offers that our companies want to put out there to our audiences but we often forget, or are forced to forget through lack of time, data and strategic insight, that each number in our audience is a real person, with real needs and real emotions.

 In this episode, Guy and I discuss the results of the latest DMA Marketer Tracker report:

  • The impact of GDPR on the consumer and how they feel about marketing
  • What consumers want from brand as the push to signup
  • At the opposite end of the scale, what’s driving unsubscribes and what do people expect from the process?
  • How consumers are using email nowadays; and particularly the younger generations coming in – are we right that they’re still using email?!
  • The kinds of content consumers want to receive via email
  • The alternate interactions receiving an email likely to cause

and much more!

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