Episode 14

Expert Masterclass:
Pre-preparing your emails for success: Optimising your QA process and
email designs for engagement

with John Thies

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming John Thies from Email on Acid to our latest 
E-telligence Masterclass 

Today John and I are talking all about the pre-send process and making sure you have a solid QA process in place. 

John is the CEO and Co-Founder of Email on Acid, a pre-deployment Email QA platform that strives to remove the inherent fear of hitting the “Send Button”.

He’s a passionate and engaging industry leader who lives, breathes, and dreams in email (seriously). John also serves as the CEO of Cause for Awareness, a recently formed non-profit that empowers other non-profit organizations with digital marketing resources.

QA stands for Quality Assurance and is essentially making sure that everything is right and as it should be before you hit the send button – something that for many marketers is still a source of great stress and worry each and every time! But a great QA process will help to alleviate some of that and give you the confidence in your campaigns.

Now of course, that doesn’t mean that mistakes are never going to happen, we’re all human! But it will help to reduce the likelihood of them occurring.

But, when they do, don’t panic! Just make sure you have a solid plan in place to deal with those mistakes

During this episode, John and I discuss:

  • What to do if you do make a mistake
  • Why its so important to have a solid QA process and what makes a good one?
  • Some of the important elements in a good QA process
    You can also download our checklist here >
  • How do you manage the process on your own and when there’s multiple people involved?
  • Why you need to check every email nowadays and not just your main template
  • Is spam testing still a thing we need to worry about?

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