Episode 12

Expert Masterclass:
Attribution modelling – understand where to spend your marketing budget

with Skip Fidura

In this E-telligence Masterclass episode we discuss the importance of Attribution Modelling with Skip Fidura.

Today we’re talking all about attribution modelling. It’s such an important topic and something that so many businesses struggle with, and of course lots of different ways to approach it.

So, for anyone who’s not sure, attribution modelling is the way in which you calculate which marketing touchpoint and channel has contributed to a sale and to what extent that contribution played a part.

It’s absolutely vital to allow you to accurately decide which channels are worth you spending more budget on to acquire new customers and which are helping you retain repeat customers. But also, to let you know which channels aren’t working hard for your business.

Skip is a Fractional CMO & Non-Exec Director with over 20 years’ experience on the client, agency and provider sides. Working for dotdigital, OgilvyOne and Acxiom Digital, he has helped B2B and B2C brands like BT, Fred Perry, Paul Smith, DHL and Copa Airlines have real conversations with each customer across all digital channels.

Skip has also been an Executive Director at the dotDigital Group plc and a Non-executive Director of the UK DMA. As Chair of the Responsible Marketing Committee, he continues to shape the discussion and define best practice around the responsible use of data and marketing channels. He currently works with a number of companies as a Non-Exec Director and/or Board Advisor helping them to protect and monetise their data assets.

During this episode, Skip and I explore:

  • Why attribution modelling is so important to understand and have a model that works for you.
  • What’s ‘wrong’ with our current approach to attribution modelling.
  • Some of the most common attribution models currently used.
  • A better way to approach attribution modelling to allow you to understand which channel you should actually spend your marketing budget on.

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