Episode 5: Scaled Agile

Using Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Email Zen; the human side of email marketing in practice.

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Kait Creamer from Scaled Agile to join me on our monthly E-telligence Masterclass session.

Kait is the Email Marketing Manager at Scaled Agile and a passionate advocate of empathetic “surprise and delight” email marketing.

Prior to joining the Scaled Agile team, Kait managed the digital marketing and automation strategy at Boulder SaaS innovator, MakeMusic. 2019 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year award winner, featured on Phrasee’s “Who to Follow” series, and vice chair of the EEC’s Events and Education committee, she’s an expert and enthusiast in email, customer data, and marketing automation, always pushing for next best customer-centric campaign. Just like us, she believes in beautiful design, protecting the subscriber, clean copy, and relentless innovation in email.

During the interview, Kait and I discussed truly understanding who your customers and prospects are, when you should be talking to them and why, as well as linking that together to come up with a comms strategy that works for the individual subscribers.

We also talked about: 

  • What does emotional intelligence actually mean? (be a good friend!)
  • How brands are starting to address the human side of their communications
  • How you can walk the helpful / creepy line with your content
  • Using MVP to move your strategy forward
  • Looking at your data and see what works for your successful customers and what is not working
  • Applying emotional intelligence to your internal teams to get buy in for your email marketing strategy (convince your CMO with intelligent context – lead with why!)
  • How Kait finally convinced her CMO to switch ESPs (after 2 years of trying!) – what changed in her approach to make that happen


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