Episode 25: eCommerce MasterPlan

Move from batch & blast to eCommerce email automation heaven with Chloë Thomas

Hi and welcome to another episode of E-telligence.

Today my fabulous guest, Chloë Thomas from eCommerce MasterPlan, and I are talking about how to make the move from batch and blast to automation heaven specifically for retailers (although of course, its always great to learn from other industry’s so if you’re listening in, stay tuned and there’ll be lots of tips and tricks you can pick up too!)

The days of batch and blast, sending the same thing to everyone are dwindling, and if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and stand out in the inbox, you have to use that knowledge to deliver messaging that’s relevant to them in that moment.

Right message, sent to the right person, at the right time.

Automated campaigns will be some of the highest performing campaigns in your strategy and by meeting the needs of your customers and prospects in the RIGHT way, you’ll reap the rewards.

Join Chloe and I in this episode and discover…

  • Why it is so important, for retailers in particular, to consider their automated campaign strategy alongside their regular manual campaigns
  • Examples of automated campaigns you need to implement for your ecommerce business initially
  • Time saving tips to help you create automated campaigns faster
  • How to find the right platform(s) to support your needs


Many thanks to Happy Accident Productions for producing this podcast.

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