Ep2 – Unlocking the Power of AI in Email Marketing: Strategies, Pitfalls, and Real-world Insights

In the second episode of "Email and Beyond," hosts Kate Barrett and Richard Wall delve into the Power of AI in Email Marketing.

Dive into the dynamic world of email marketing as we explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our latest podcast episode.

In this conversation, Kate Barrett, founder and CEO of eFocus Marketing, and Richard Wall, marketing campaign manager for Spotler UK, discuss the nuances of leveraging AI to supercharge your email campaigns, sharing practical insights and strategic approaches.

From the platforms they use to the tactical implementation of AI in split testing, they unravel the good, the bad, and the ugly of AI in email marketing.

Join them as they discover the keys to unlocking the true potential of AI in your email marketing journey – how AI can enhance your subject lines, refine copy across channels, and ultimately make us better marketers and communicators

  • Platforms for AI in Marketing Campaigns: Exploring the early stages of the AI journey and the platforms used.
  • The Power of ChatGPT: Insights into utilising ChatGPT for generating email content and overcoming challenges.
  • Strategic Split Testing: Delving into the tactical use of AI for split testing subject lines and refining email content.
  • Crafting Effective Testing Hypotheses: Understanding the importance of having a strong hypothesis for testing and achieving meaningful results.
  • The Use of AI Beyond Subject Lines: Uncovering the multifaceted applications of AI, from refining headlines to generating social media content.
  • Improving Human Communication: How AI can serve as a tool to enhance human communication, making us better marketers and leaders.

Tune in to explore the limitless possibilities of AI in email marketing, and learn how it can propel your campaigns to new heights!


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