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Your email marketing send strategy

A clear strategy is one of the most significant challenges to successfully executing email marketing programmes..

Your data

Creating great email marketing begins with having and using, great data.

Segmentation & personalisation

By narrowing your focus you can devise content that speaks to individual specific subscribers’ needs and wants, providing information and offers that are more likely to engage them.

Automated campaign strategy

Automated campaigns are the backbone of a successful email marketing strategy and are critical to allow you to create a programme that truly connects with your subscribers at the right time.

Current deliverability situation

Making sure your emails actually reach your subscribers is an ongoing task.

Email marketing split testing & optimisation

Implementing a well-documented and ongoing testing strategy into your business can provide both quick and big wins.

Results tracking

Are you analysing and documenting the right statistics to give you a true view of the performance of your email marketing programme?

Your sign up process

The way in which you present your opt-in is critical to maximising your conversion rates to opt in.

Email marketing design

The design of your emails plays a big part in helping or hindering how subscribers interact with the content you are sending to them.

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